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USA want to lure the German vaccine company to America, and drug secure exclusive

Between Germany and the USA, there is a report in the “Welt am Sonntag”, according to the clashes, a tübingen-based company is working on a vaccine against the Coronavirus. US President, Donald Trump attempts to lure German scientists with high financial grants to America, or to secure the drug exclusively for his country, the newspaper reported, citing government circles in Berlin.

Drugs against Virus

What time is the first Corona drugs on the market?

The President of the U.S. offer, the company is therefore said to be a high amount, to secure their work exclusively. Trump will do anything to get a vaccine for the USA. “But only for the USA”, – stated according to the newspaper the Federal government.

Tübingen-based company is working on Coronavirus-vaccination

The Federal Ministry of health drew attention to the request of the DPA news Agency on Comments made by a Department spokesman to the “world on Sunday”. “The Federal government is very interested in vaccine and drugs against the novel Corona-Virus are also being developed in Germany and Europe”, quoted the newspaper the spokesman. “In this regard, the government is in intense exchange with the company, CureVac.”

Germany, the newspaper said, trying to keep the company with financial Offers. CureVac operates according to the report, together with the Federal government’s own Paul-Ehrlich-Institute for vaccines and biomedical pharmaceuticals to the manufacturing of a vaccine against the novel Virus.

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