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Weight loss: a treadmill or a weight bench?

Prefer to build muscle or endurance training? The barbell workout shapes and hardens the claim. On the treadmill the pounds, are tumbling, the others have to say. What is ideal for losing weight the best, says sports scientist Klaus Mohlendick.

"Who wants to train his body effectively, the best alternately on endurance and Krafttraining", the expert of the Barmer health insurance Fund to The regular endurance training, such as on a Crosstrainer or treadmill, advises that the resting heart rate falls in the longer term, and in the load of the pulse is not increasing as quickly. In addition, the cardio training reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases and infections and promotes blood circulation to the cells. Not least of all, you burn calories.

"Not only the stamina, but also strength training is a very effective method to verbrennen&quot fat;, the sports scientist says. Endurance athletes would burn more fat than strength athletes, but less muscle mass. When regular strength training, the energy consumption is in the rest later. Against this Background, the expert, strength and endurance training is recommended to combine. This is significantly more effective than individual forms of training alone. In addition, the strength training had other benefits: it increases bone density and improve posture. Who makes in a day of strength training, the next on the Crosstrainer and in between times a day as a rest break every now and then, followed, so a good mix. It is important, however, the Exercises correctly and according to professional guidance.

As a rough rule of thumb: anyone Who wants to build his muscles, the power after the warm up, strength training. So you still have enough energy and concentration to do the Exercises clean. Anyone who relies on stamina and weight loss, chooses the reverse order. At best, Mohlendick, one begins the Training with the unit, on the the individual focus.


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