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What to do if bleeding persist for a long time?

Lots of bruises, bleeding gums, heavy Menstruation, Such symptoms can be an indication of a serious blood-clotting disorder: the von Willebrand syndrome. In the case of surgery or major injury, the disease can mean a life-threatening risk. How to recognize them, and treated, experts explain on Thursday, 7. March 2019, on free reader phone.


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The von Willebrand syndrome there is a lack of the Affected to a special Protein called the von Willebrand factor (vWF), which is, among other things, for a rapid closure of a wound responsible. According to the German hemophilia society the disease affects approximately one percent of the population, around 800,000 German. Thus, the von-Willebrand syndrome is the most common congenital blood clotting disorder.

Thus, it does not in the case of larger injuries, surgery or childbirth to a larger loss of blood, it is important to detect the disease as early as possible and treat them. In childhood, frequent nose bleed, longer nachblut the end of the cut or abrasions, as well as the frequent Occurrence of bruises indicates. Women often suffer from a longer-lasting and increased menstrual bleeding.

How can I assess whether there is any bleeding continues for an unusually long time? When do you have a menstrual period as unusually strong? Who do I turn to when signs of a blood clotting disorder? The from-Brandt Wants to do syndrome something to do with the bleeders disease? The answers to all your questions about blood clotting disorders, type two Experts on Thursday, 7. March 2019 between 15 and 19 o’clock on free reader phone:

On the phone 0800 – 0 90 92 90

  • Dr. med. Christine Heller; A senior physician with a focus on Haematology, Oncology and haemostasis of the coagulation centre in Frankfurt, clinic for paediatric and youth medicine, University hospital of Frankfurt
  • Dr. med. Cornelia Wermes; Specialist doctor for Pediatrics with focus on pediatric Hematology, Oncology and haemostaseology at the Werlhof-Institute Hannover and the hemophilia centers in Hildesheim, Hannover and Osnabrück