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Why smokers eat Apples and tea should drink

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”: the word could be an international study, something that is especially for smokers and drinkers. And especially when the fruit is enjoyed with a Cup of tea. Because both Apples and tea are rich in flavonoids. Their consumption contactors diseases before cancer and heart disease, write researchers in the journal “Nature Communications”.

On the question of the extent to which flavonoids protect the cause against cancer and cardiovascular disease, warns the expert, who was not involved in the study, to caution: “not to derive from the study.” A Problem with epidemiological studies is that they showed, although associations, but not causality: “flavonoids are rather as a Marker or indicator of an overall healthier diet – and life-view style. You may even make a small contribution to lower mortality risk, but you are definitely not alone responsible for it.”

This would also show the data in the study Are taken into account in the evaluation of red and processed meat, fish, fiber, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, the protective effect of flavonoids is significantly lower.

Limitations of the study

Nevertheless, Kulling praised the study: “diet is very complex, and many factors, the risk of disease affect. The more important such studies.” It points however to a limitation of the study: The participants were classified according to Flavonoid intake in groups of five. This recording was based on a single, albeit in-depth survey of the diet at the beginning of the study. This has not been reviewed in the following 23 years.

“The mean age of the subjects was 56 years, many of which are excreted in the investigation period, probably from the professional life,” explains Kulling. A new Chapter in our lives will lead, presumably, to changes in diet or in lifestyle.

Regardless, it was previously shown that flavonoids can make a contribution to the health by, for example, the bonding of blood platelets, inhibit, what is for heart disease is important, so Kulling.

Unclear stay, what flavonoids do so healthy, stresses also the author of Bondonno. “Alcohol consumption and Smoking promote inflammation and injury of blood vessels, which can increase the risk for a number of diseases.” Other studies have shown that flavonoids, had an anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on blood vessels. “That could explain why they are associated with a lower risk for cardiac death and cancer.”

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