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Winding: this is A helpful home remedy

Humidity Umschläge relieve pain and Entzündungen. This wrap will help not only by their active ingredient. How the home remedies and what you should note in the application

Wraps are a simple, but effective home remedies. The antibacterial substances of the onion to be very useful in ear pain

SäRTD-leech of the ber&uuml has;famous naturopath and priest, Sebastian Kneipp, you once called. So würde today, no one can apply more winding. In the Naturopathy and the alternative medicine you will find but because of their kühlenden, relaxing or entzümaking soothing effect after application. 

"In short, a wrap is a suitable cloth either with water or with a tincture, ointments, or even Quark getränkt wird", Dr. Rainer Stange says. With another clean Stück it is the substance of the gewüyou want to place fixed and is nestled on the Köthe body form.

Rod is an Internist and expert für a natural healing process and physical therapy. He works at the Immanuel hospital in Berlin, together with the Charité a Department für Naturopathy operates. The scientifically sound applications ergäcomplement the classic school medicine.

The wrapping effect by heat, Kälte and vegetable Zusätze

Often winding to act alone, by heat or Kälte, says Dr. Heike Wants. The pharmacist gives training in Naturopathy and is a member of the research group monastery medicine at the Universität Würzburg. Because of water temperature differences überträgt, have the effect of, for example, warm wraps moist, and the Gefäße in the underlying skin to expand. In the case of cold and damp, Wrap it again, pull yourself together for a short time.

Both types improve the local blood circulation. Wärme can also muscles l&ouml tense;sen, a kücounter drug such as Quark, Köbody heat escape. Ergäbe complements these thermal stimuli, often by herbal Sub­punching, for example, irritation of the skin at the end of Senföle or äfour thousand five Öle. Al­lergiker should the für they suitable active ingredients sorgfävalid auswämiss.

Affection and a sense of security föpromote the SelbstheilungskräRTD

However, not only the temperature and the medicinal plants have a healing effect. Für Inga Knaub, nurse at Immanuel hospital, gehören winding of the Tagesgeschäft. She knows the augenfädigit of the most effect of the application. The gentle Berüintroduction of the groom and special attention für the sick Köbody part to get the patients "the Gefühl of security – how früin the Mama".

This set hört Inga Knaub häoften – usually if you wrapped the patients in warm Blankets Packed. This type of funding, the SelbstheilungskräRTD encourages, believes that a pharmacist Will: "The direct Köbody contact is fümany patients really value."

With these tips, wraps you can apply at home

The therapeutic effects of the Wrap can be used by anyone at home. "This is absolutely not a Hexenwerk", Inga Knaub says. The base, for example, Küchentücher made of cotton, there are in each household. Otherwise, you can get from the pharmacy, alternatively, cotton compresses. Außalso, you need raw materials like cabbage, fenugreek, or onions.

In the application of müshot, however, noticed some things. The Quark f&uuml should;r the application in the case of aching joints, bruises or rheumatism directly from the Kürefrigerator come. "Otherwise, the temperature difference is to hoch", Inga Knaub says. It recommends that the Quark compresses für people, those Kälte in the case of such complaints good. Who Wärme is more pleasant, prefer to Bocks­horn clover powder.

Also in the case of fever the temperature of the calf should wrap only ten degrees below the Köthe body temperature of the patient. With lukewarm water träyou nkt. "You will f&uuml three Times;r ten minutes, hung up and dümay be applied not only when the fever is rising at the moment, the Sick person warm Hände and Füße has not schlottert", says pharmacist Heike Wants. Otherwise wüwould the cardiovascular system be burdened too much.

Umschläge Eukalyptusöl help in case of Bronchitis

Generally speaking, dümay winding be placed at home only on healthy and dry skin without open sores, people with allergies should test the substances in advance. Just substances, such as a Eukalyptusöl-Lösung köcan injured skin irritate. Für small children are not suitable.

Inga Knaub recommends the contained äessential Öle in case of Bronchitis: "You föpromote expectoration, and to make the nose ." The breast pad in the best part of ten minutes between two Wärmflaschen to the correct temperature. If you like, you köyou nne with bees wax breast pads from the chemist to combine. 

"Most of the winding will remain at the Köbody, until your temperature stimulus nachlässt – and how it für the patient anfühlt", says Heike Wants. Anschließend a half-hour rest loading. The old home remedies are not Fünfminutenkur, user mübiggest time bring: "Dafür you get something valuable zurück: slowing down."

This wrap will help counter the most common complaints


In the case of contusions or compressions zerstoßene fenugreek seeds oder  powder with heißem water anrühren. The porridge on a Stück fabric painting and auskümiss. Then the affected joint model and with a scarf ­attach.

The kühle winding lässt the ­Tissue swelling and reduces the ­Formation of Blutergü. Feuchtheiß ­launched, helps fenugreek in Muskel­tension and Gelenkentzündungen. 

Cabbage wrap

In the case of joint pain, rheumatism or arthritis multiple Bläleaves Weißcabbage wash and the thick Ribs he­cut out. The Bläleaves with a rolling pin roller, so that the plant juices. The Bläleaves like roof tiles around the joint with a gauze bandage or fix it with ­a cloth cover, and with ­a scarf fix.

The winding can &shy for up to 12 hours;rest. The Senföl of cabbage irritate the skin and stimulates öliterally the blood circulation. The wrap inhibit Entzüinventions and relieve the pain. 


Light ears an onion pain chop, üabout the water vapor, briefly, about 40 degree heat, in a StoffsäArnold füfill, tie and für 2 hours to attach the ear. The ingredients of the onion, the Wärme released and are anti-bacterial.

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