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With Trick money brought: Doctors in Siberia threaten to hunger strike

In Russia, the number of Corona to take patients for days as rapidly as in any other country. More than 280,000 confirmed infections, the Johns Hopkins University, reported on Monday. In the past week, about 10,000 new Infected were added every day. The Russian health system is reaching its limits. Doctors and paramedics work in Twelve-hour shifts. To reward you for your efforts and work, announced Vladimir Putin in April generous special payments. Up to 80,000 rubles (about 1000 Euro) should be given to all the Doctors, the Corona-treat patients, had promised the Russian President.

Money and holiday

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On Friday, the deadline for withdrawals has expired. However, only a fraction of the Doctors has received the money yet. In Western Siberia, emergency physicians are now threatening a hunger strike. With a public appeal directly to Putin and the Governor of the Kemerovo Region Sergey Tsiwilew. The funds were only those physicians paid, the patients have been associated with confirmed coronavirus infection in the hospital. “All the others go empty”, complain to the paramedics of the city of Anzhero-Sudzhensk, nearly 4,000 miles East of Moscow, in a Video.

Accordingly, the government of the Region does not fall back on a Trick to the from Moscow provided funds to pay off. A Corona is diagnosed infection in the hospital, had the Doctors not entitled to special payments, because they “had not dealt directly with Corona-patients,” argued the Governor Tsiwilew.

The ambulance doctors are outraged. “Why do we have to prove each and everything?”, ask them and threatening from next Monday to go on a hunger strike, you should not get the money.

Only six of the 27 billion rubles paid

Not only in the west Siberian Region of Kemerovo, the Doctors do not seem to get the promised special payments. Everywhere in Russia, the doctors complain, not only about catastrophic conditions but also about the lack of money. The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin admitted on Sunday that the regional authorities have paid out in six of the allocated 27 billion rubles.

"We and Corona"

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In the official announcement sheet of the Russian government, “Rossiskaja Gazeta”, the promised Mishustin improvement. “From now on, should not repeat the Situation with delays in such payments,” he promised, and announced a further 22.4 billion rubles from the Federal budget for this purpose. In addition, should in the future depend on the amount of the special payment of hours worked, but according to the taken shifts to be calculated.

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