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Dry, rough hands by frequent washing of hands declared to be a dermatologist, what helps

Regularly wash your hands, the hands of all sides for at least 20 seconds of lathering, rinsing, and drying: This is the best protection against infectious diseases like cold, flu, but also the current Coronavirus. Disinfectant add, can lead to problems. “Soaps and disinfectants attack the protective acid mantle of the skin,” says the Karlsruhe dermatologist Prof. Christian Raulin. “It will make it brittle and dry.”


Today, the Corona, at that time, Sars – why are so many viruses in China?

Wash your hands, no one should, therefore, not but. Disinfectants are not recommended as a lump sum, may, in exceptional cases, but is useful to Patients about contact and if there is no possibility to wash hands. Raulin advises not to waiver, but rather a Supplement in the Form of ointment. “To RUB it in, a fat ointment should be used for feeding as well. The bigger they are, the better. For example, I can recommend Neutrogena, Linola or Bepanthen ointment,” says the expert.

Once a disinfectant, five times lotion

Antiviral disinfectant contain alcohol, which can irritate the skin. If you want to use a disinfectant and the skin irritation as low as possible would like to keep, you should note the so-called “5-rule”. “As a rule of thumb: once Disinfect, five Times RUB it in,” says Raulin. Instead of too much ointment at once, the skin should be treated as often as possible, and the ointment to be applied thinly. This ensures that the ingredients can be optimally absorbed.

In addition to the ointment, a critical look at the daily Routine is worth it. Dishes should not be rinsed by Hand, but instead in the dishwasher land. People who work in the household and often in contact with cleaning solvents should wear gloves, advises Raulin. “This relieves the skin.”

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