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EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Ta Launches First Eye Products

Patrick Ta is expanding into the eye category, introducing his first eye shadow palette and eyeliners.

“I honestly made it for myself, for my kit,” said Ta. “I wanted colors that I could use when I’m doing makeup on my clients, just for the everyday.”

There are 12 eye shadows in Ta’s signature go-to shades, browns to nudes, with a mix of mattes, metallics and pearls in the $68 palette, while the four, smudge-proof creamy gel liners come in cream, brown, black and bronze, at $26 each. Out June 3, the products will be available at and retail partner Sephora.

“There’s a bunch of different formulas in this palette, which makes it super unique and special,” he went on. “At first, I was super scared, because my factory was telling me that I couldn’t put this formula with that formula, and it has given me so much headache and so much stress, but I’m so happy with the final outcome.”

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“When I was first developing products for the brand, I was being selfish and really developing products just for myself,” Ta admitted. “Over time I realized that, like, not everybody is going to a red carpet.”

The creamy gel liners come in cream, brown, black and bronze, at $26 each. Courtesy

While these products are ideal for his personal kit, as he said, Ta also listened to feedback from his followers (he has 2.2 million on his personal Instagram account), as well as his close girlfriends.

“It was so nice to hear real girls talk about products and what they like and why they like it,” he said of visiting home months ago, where he spent time with the women he “grew up with” in his early 20s. “Even if I was in the other room, just kind of eavesdropping. I feel like I’m so buried in this influencer world.…It was so nice to hear, like, just my girlfriends who aren’t in the industry whatsoever. That has been so helpful.”

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