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I Want to Copy Kulture's Heart-Shaped Cornrows and Bedazzled Baby Hairs

I think we can universally agree that Cardi B is a beauty and style icon. But there's another member of her family that could take her throne very soon if she's not careful, and it's her adorable three-year-old daughter, Kulture. A simple scroll through the toddler's Instagram account will prove that Kulture is a fashion and beauty queen in her own right with her braided hairstyles, colorful tulle dresses, and model-approved poses that would make Naomi Campbell proud. She has some of the cutest hairstyles, and the most recent braided hairstyle from the youngin' features intricate heart-shaped cornrows with a bedazzled hairline. 

Her mama shared the new hairstyle in an Instagram carousel posted on November 18. These are not simple cornrows at all. In fact, there are several smaller braids that feed into two larger cornrows. In addition to these tiny braids, small hearts were braided into her hair on each side of her head. The two medium-sized cornrows taper at her waistline. 

The beauty of this look doesn't end there. Take a glance at her hairline to see the tiny silver gems swimming in-between her swooped and looped baby hairs. Bedazzled hairstyles have been having a bit of a moment both on and off the red carpet, and we love to see the trend making its way to the youth. 

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These braids look fabulous with the cozy fall outfit she is wearing. The red and white sweater, khaki pants, and red hightop sneakers accessorized with printed shades and a sparkly necklace all come together nicely. It won't be too long until Kulture is the one taking our breaths away on the red carpet, and we can't wait.

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