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Jennifer Lopez's New Hair Extensions Might Be Her Longest Ever

We consider Jennifer Lopez an icon in basically every department: fashion, music, movies, you name it. But somehow we probably still don't give her enough credit for is her hair. Whether she's wearing it in a bob or a braided updo, or a simple ponytail, it's guaranteed to look absolutely incredible. That certainly applies to her newest hair venture: long beach waves that extend all the way down past her waist. Yes, her waist — it's that long.

Lopez's right-hand hairstylist, Chris Appleton, revealed the new look on October 1. "New hair vibes today," he captioned the picture of Lopez posing with her arms behind her head and her hair cascading down. Lopez shared the same picture to her own Instagram, writing, "Back to basics."

The lengthy look is undoubtedly the result of some very high-grade extensions (J.Lo deserves only the best, after all). And, of course, it's all in her signature honey-blonde color, with slightly darker roots and slightly lighter ends. If Disney created another modern-day retelling of Rapunzel, she would probably look a lot like Lopez does with this hair.

Just goes to show once again (and again and again and again) that there isn't a single hair cut, style, or color that Lopez can't pull off. Just take a look at some of her most recent hair excursions. In August, she wore her hair in a long A-line bob in a multi-dimensional platinum blonde shade. In March, she brought back the 1990s by wearing two adorable space buns in a half-up half-down style. And that was the same month she debuted chunky blonde highlights on a light-brown base.

We could go on and on and on, but the point has probably stuck by now. Jennifer Lopez simply is The One to look out for when it comes to hair trends. If she's got waist-length mermaid hair today, many more people will tomorrow.

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