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Kayla Itsines Gets Brutally Honest About Growing A “Bigger Booty”

Anyone with an Instagram account and a pair of eyeballs will be aware of the growing trend of growing a bigger bum. But that’s one bandwagon that fitness mogul Kayla Itsines won’t be jumping on anytime soon.

The 26-year-old – whose exercise empire is worth a cool $46 mill – took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the topic.

“Now, this is something I’ve been wanting to say for a while. I get a lot of comments like ‘she skips leg day’ or ‘she needs to squat more’,” the famous trainer wrote.

“Honestly, to all the people that have a negative opinion, I REALLY like my legs, just the way they are.”

“I respect women of all shapes and sizes and whatever their goals are… but I am not actively trying to get a ‘bigger booty’ or trying to build a any more muscle in my legs.”

The founder of the hugely popular Bikini Body Guides and Sweat app says that she does a combination of plyometric training, weight training and low-intensity training to not only maintain her current physique, but how she feels.

“So for the people telling me I need to train more, harder, or heavier…… I appreciate your input, but I love my body how it is.”

How’s that for inspiring. 

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