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The 11 Best Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

If the thought of swapping out your go-to antiperspirant for an all-natural version makes you perspire in and of itself, take a breath. Antiperspirants, which are classified as over-the-counter drugs, inhibit a normal bodily function (i.e. the formation of sweat) using their active ingredient, aluminum salts, says David Bank, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. On the other hand, natural deodorants are typically made without aluminum. They're designed to keep you smelling fresh for hours on end with bacteria-sopping ingredients, including familiar favorites like baking soda. So, yes, you may still sweat a bit after swiping on your favorite aluminum-free formula (because, again, deodorant doesn't equal antiperspirant), but no, you shouldn't smell sour after going green. To prove it, we've rounded up a new crop of natural deos (tested by Allure editors, no less) that are formulated to keep you smelling great and feeling even better thanks to your newfound confidence. Below, 11 of our team members' new favorites.

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Kopari Coconut Deodorant

"My two-year search for a natural deodorant ended, surprisingly, with this coconut oil-infused option from Kopari. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. How was something made with oil and that smells like coconut going to work on someone as sweaty as me? Not to mention that it feels a little wet and slippery to the touch. But I've been pleasantly surprised at how effective it is as keeping sweat and stickiness at bay. It's not a miracle worker, so after a full eight-hour day at work I could definitely use a reapplication (and maybe could have used one an hour or two earlier), but in general, for me, it works better than any natural deodorant I've tried. And I'm not the only one who agrees apparently. In addition to a five-star rating on Sephora, the brand says it's having a hard time keeping the tubes in stock." —Sophia Panych, deputy digital beauty director

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Jason Dry Spray Deodorant

"I've been using the Jason Dry Spray Deodorant for a few months now, and so far, so good. I even brought it to a weekend at the beach with friends, and I wasn't self-conscious once. Is that a low bar? Maybe. I also love that it's a dry spray — it doesn't feel wet or sticky going on." —Elizabeth Siegel, deputy beauty director

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Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Sensitive Skin Formula in Jasmine Tea

"After years of saying I'd make the switch, this sweet-scented tube (made with jasmine and coconut oil) finally made me a natural deo convert. It's gentle enough for my sensitive skin and lasts (mostly) all day. Sure, I still sweat — but at least I smell damn good doin' it." —Sarah Kinonen, digital editor

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Tarte Cosmetics Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant

"I'm a HUGE fan of Tarte's vegan deodorant. It smells truly great — not powdery and overbearing whatsoever — and it seems to last a long time, in my experience. Plus, it's the only cute packaging for deodorant that has ever existed." —Sam Escobar, deputy digital editor

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Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant

"Because this deodorant is formulated with peppermint and eucalyptus, it has a cooling effect when you swipe it on your pits. During the summer, I was living for that effect. The smell is even refreshing and uplifting, too. I weirdly look forward to putting it on in the AM. Plus, it has kaolin clay in it, so it absorbs sweat and moisture better than other natural deodorants I've tried. (Others have may have made my armpits smell better, but they still felt swampy.)" —Devon Abelman, digital beauty reporter

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Vapour Organic Beauty AER Next-Level Deodorant

"I love the gingery smell of this deodorant — it smells super clean, and even when I sweat, my perspiration doesn't smell that bad. You definitely have to carry it around if you're going to be moving a lot, but you have to do that with most natural deodorants. I like that it goes on light and, unless I put on way too much, it doesn't leave a nasty residue on my clothes." —Jihan Forbes, digital editor

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Thinksport Natural Deodorant

"Thinksport Natural Deodorant uses natural waxes (like beeswax, candelila) and arrowroot powder to fight odor. It goes on smooth and leaves skin moisturized, thanks to the coconut oil, shea butter, and fruit oils in it." —Jesa Calaor, editorial assistant

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Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Deodorant in Wild Lavender

"I love that this deodorant glides on smoothly without feeling either too dry or too gloppy. It also smells great without being too overbearing — the lavender is my favorite." —Hannah Choi, visuals editor

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A La Maison de Provence Deodorant in Honeysuckle

"I bought this clear stick from Whole Foods — A La Maison de Provence (in the honeysuckle scent), and it works pretty well!" —Sable Yong, digital beauty editor

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Everyone Natural Deodorant Tea Tree + Lavender

"The scent combo of tea tree and lavender is really soothing to breathe in and feels fantastic on my skin. I'm not typically a fan of spray-on deodorants because I feel like they aren't incredibly effective, but this one dries down fast and doesn't stain at all. It's also really affordable." —Lauren Swanson, commerce community manager

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Native Deodorant in Coconut & Shea

"Coming in at a close second is Native's natural deo, which rotates its scent based on the seasons. My current fave? This tropical-scented tube (made with coconut oil and shea butter) from summer. It smells just like a piña colada, and keeps me from sweating for most of the day. Come 6 p.m., it's time to reapply. But I do so, gladly." —Sarah Kinonen, digital editor

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