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TOP 5 simple steps to help lose weight

The experts in the field of weight loss told what five simple steps contribute to weight loss – the effectiveness of these actions has been proven by research.
First, it is necessary to eat food prepared from simple, unprocessed foods, as well as more often to eat such foods by themselves. Artificial additives, which are found in most products of the food industry and in semi-finished products, affect hormone production and metabolism, and alter the body’s consumption of fat cells. Experts advise eating cereals, bran, whole-wheat flour pasta, fruits and vegetables – these foods should form the basis of the diet. In the composition of dishes should be no more than one or two ingredients.
Secondly, you need to drink water. At least four glasses a day. As such, and not in the composition of soups or something else. Water enhances the body’s cleansing functions: our body is faster left by substances that slow down the work of internal organs and systems. Experts from the University of Birmingham conducted an experiment in which one of the groups of participants drank two glasses of water before each meal. Three months later, it turned out that people who drank water lost an average of about 4 kilograms, without changing anything else in their lifestyle.
Third, you should drink green tea. As part of green tea there are special substances that force the body to burn fat more actively for energy production. For example, the tea component epigallocatechin is capable of blocking fats and excreting them along with feces, thereby protecting the body from excessive fat deposition. Research from scientists at the University of Pennsylvania on mice showed that drinking this tea by 45% slows down the accumulation of adipose tissue.