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24 Hours With Model, Influencer And Keep It Cleaner Co-Founder Steph Claire Smith

Ask any twenty-something Australian woman to list the first people they followed on Instagram and chances are Steph Claire Smith‘s name will pop up more than once. The Melbourne-born model used her fresh face, perfectly proportioned body and down to earth nature to become one of the country’s top influencers, before using that fame to create multiple successful businesses, including Keep it Cleaner, Soda Shades and Midnight Co.

After launching an app, releasing a book, buying a house and – to top it off – getting engaged in 2018, 2019 is already shaping up to be Steph’s best year yet. 

Below, the 25-year-old talks us through a day in the life – and if it gets us anywhere near where she’s going, we’re listening. 

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Monday ?? Let’s do this.

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Alarm – but 8/10 times I snooze in bed with my partner Josh (or should I say fiancé now!)


Second alarm. Jump out of bed and chuck on my activewear I’ve laid out by my bed the night before and pour myself a glass of water to hydrate before the gym!


Get to the gym and smash out a KIC workout. Lately, I’ve been into improving my running, so I like to use the treadmill at the gym when I’m there. As we’re in the warmer months, I’ve been switching that to early morning outdoor runs.

8:30 -9am

Shower and get ready for the day. I make myself a protein smoothie most mornings as my brekkie and drink it on the go in my car on the way to work.


Office time! Check in with the team, most weeks we catch up around 10am for a team meeting, which has been amazing. 


Time for an English brekkie tea.


Break for lunch. Now, most days we’re so busy that Laura and I generally just eat at our desks and continue to work (I know, I know, you’re not meant to do that!) But some days I take Ari (my dog) into the office and if I’ve done that, I’ll take him for a short walk around Albert Park Lake and up to the main strip of shops to get lunch. 


By this time I’ve GENERALLY caught up with my own emails, so I move onto KIC emails or checking in with the community on Facebook. I like to sip away at a soy chai latte from the cafe across the road while I’m at it too.


5pm is usually the time I leave the office, but sometimes it’s earlier if I have to get away to something else like a fitting or an event, and sometimes it can be a lot later if we have unfinished business in the office!


On the days I haven’t done a workout, I’ll take Ari for a decent walk and if I have, I’ll just walk down to the local park and play fetch until he’s worn out. I’m lucky there’s a supermarket very close to that park so I usually end up popping past it on my walk to grab something for dinner.


Dinner time… I hate planning ahead, which is why most days I do my grocery shopping in the afternoon because I like to wait to see what I feel like. Most nights it’s a simple meat and veg dish, but if I ever can’t make my mind up, I’ll log into the KIC program and see what’s on the planner.


Josh, Ari and I are generally on the couch either watching mindless reality tv shows (and getting completely sucked into them) or watching a movie. And just about every night we have either a few pieces of dark chocolate, a bowl of homemade popcorn or some fruit.


I finish a peppermint tea, lay some activewear out for the next morning, chuck my diffuser on with some lavender essential oils and hit my head on the pillow!

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire. 

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