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97% Of Women Admit To This “Strange” Habit

A recent survey found that 97.3% of women admitted to enjoying the feeling of letting one rip in privacy after holding it in around company.

But really, is that so surprising… what’s a gal to do?!

Superdrug Online Doctor asked over 1,500 people about the ‘unusual things’ they do that are ‘better left practiced in private’ and fulfilling flatulence wasn’t the only thing that made the list.

97% of women enjoyed picking an irritating booger, 96% pick off dead skin and 93% pee in the shower.

And if you thought dudes were the grosser gender, 94% of women enjoyed smelling aforementioned arse acoustics, compared to 92% of men.

So if you, like the majority of respondents, do any of the above, take solace in the fact that you’re certainly not alone!

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