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High blood pressure in the night: a Late meal can trigger a heart attack

Caused a late decrease in pressure to low nocturnal Blood
Most of you know the: who participates in the late evening, a delicious meal, can’t fall asleep and Wake up in the night more often. One study showed that increased that late to eat, the risk of having a heart attack. The blood pressure can drop in the night. This is the result of a scientific study.

The Turkish scientists at the Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir were now in a study that late to eat is dangerous to the health of our heart. Due to late meals increases the risk of having a heart attack. The doctors published the results of their study at the European Society of Cardiology Congress.

They belong to the people, the food is always much to late in the evening? Then you should change this habit of better. Researchers concluded now to increase that late meals, the risk for a heart attack. (Image: hugo2/

Do not eat two hours prior to bed rest

If we eat too late in the evening increases the risk for heart disease. To take the dinner within two hours of bed rest can bring on health problems, say the researchers. By these late meals, the body will be placed in a kind of alert, the experts explain. This process prevents that our blood pressure is lowered, over night is sufficient. Of high blood pressure represents a risk for our heart, say the experts.

Adults should take the last meal at best before 19 PM

Surely you have already heard that late-night eating will lead to Obesity. But eat after 18 o’clock is really thick? Perhaps we should not only think about the impact on our weight. Because it is a threat late eat also the health of our heart. Adults should ideally eat before 19 o’clock in the evening, scientists advise. So the body will have enough time to relax. The danger for our hearts to raise, in addition, if the diet contains a lot of salt, say the authors.

Doctors examine more than 700 subjects with high blood pressure

The cardiologists of Turkish University observed more than 700 men and women with high blood pressure pressure. The experts wanted to find out what the effects of different meal times and the consistency of the diet on health. A late dinner has a great influence on the blood pressure during the night, the result of the researchers. Those affected said that almost twice as frequently under a reduced nocturnal blood pressure decrease (Non-Dipper).

Late meals and Skipping Breakfast affect blood pressure

Actually, the blood should drop to a pressure of approximately ten percent over night. But nearly 25 percent of the late-eating people blood pressure is not lowered enough on the night, explain the scientists. In in time eating people, the value was 14.2 percent. If people have not had Breakfast, it was also noted that the major pressure drop of the blood was less likely. However, the effects were smaller than late meals, add the experts.

People in today’s time to develop erratic eating habits

The effects of modern life and advanced developments, such as artificial lighting, have the effect that people eat more later in the day. This then leads to erratic eating habits, says Dr. Ebru Ozpelit of the Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir. Other studies showed some time ago that we can reduce through our diet, the risk for a high blood pressure. So, for example, daily eating of yogurt can reduce the high blood pressure risk.

The timing and composition of meals affect the health

We urgently need to define the ideal frequency and the best time for our meals, says Dr. Ozpelit. Because irregular eating is bad for the health. It was obvious that not only the composition of our food is important for our health. It is crucial also to take what time we have our meals to us, said the Doctor at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Rome. (as)