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As much Pizza as you like without the health consequences? Naturopathy Naturopathy Specialist Portal

The impact of Pizza consumption investigated

People seem to be able to actually a lot more Pizza to eat, as the amount of power you are usually sick and tired of – without that this leads to health problems.

In a recent study at the University of Bath has found that occasional excessive Pizza consumption has no negative effects on health. The results were published in the English journal “the British Journal of Nutrition”.

Two and a half pizzas during a meal

You like to eat a piece of Pizza or even much more? Not a Problem, because even the occasional consumption of high quantities of Pizza seems to not have a negative effect on health impact. This is the conclusion of the researchers after they left for their study, young men aged 22 to 37 years, large quantities of Pizza to eat. Some participants have up to two and a half large pizzas while a meal is consumed, according to the research team.

Health problems caused by too much Pizza?

Actually, one might suspect that such a meal has a disastrous impact on the health. And also the average amount of calories, which was taken by the Participating to, with about 3,000 calories is very high. But according to the researchers, there are no immediate health despite the additional intake of calories and fat in the men to observe problems, if you ate occasionally, too much.

Diseases through the enjoyment of food

The excessive enjoyment of food can diseases lead to long-term health risks, such as obesity, type II Diabetes and cardiovascular. The results of the study show that the body can handle is actually remarkably good with a massive and sudden surplus in Calories. Even if people feel completely tired, you can actually eat twice as much and still with this huge surplus of energy to deal effectively, explain the researchers.

Effects on blood sugar levels?

The blood sugar level of the men was not increased after a normal meal. After meals with large amounts of Pizza could be an increase in Insulin to 50 percent is observed. This hormone controls the blood sugar level. The blood fats (triglycerides and fatty acids) were elevated only slightly, if twice as much food was included. This was according to a statement by the researchers surprising, since previous studies suggest that these fats increase, depending on how much food has taken a Person to himself.

Nutrients are used or stored

In the current study, the participants were able to use the nutrients you took in during the Pizza-eating, efficiently, or to save. As a result, the sugar and fat content in your blood is not much higher than if you had eaten only half so much, report the researchers. The biggest change after eating such a meal was observed in the hormones, the a feeling of satiety cause. Hormones are GLP-1 and peptide YY are known, are released from the intestine and stimulate the production of insulin.

Effects on mood

In addition to the appetite is likely to change the mood, after the people have taken such large quantities of food, explain the researchers. The results of the study show that the Participants were within four hours after a maximum meal sleepy and lethargic.

Participants wanted to no sweet desserts

An unexpected effect of the extreme food intake was also that the Participants rejected after meal sweet Treat. This suggests that the food has an impact on the reward centres of the brain, according to the research team. Normally, the consumption of foods such as Pizza seem only rarely to the Demand of the brain for sweets.

Driven by regular consumption of too much food

The study says that double the food intake does not cause any acute change in the health condition, but you should never consume so much food. Because The more often high amounts of food are taken, the faster you will develop Obesity. The main problem with Overeating is that the body dien stores the energy surplus in the Form of fat, which can lead to obesity if daily is too much to eat. If an otherwise healthy Person eats, however occasionally too much, have no immediate negative consequences, the conclusion of the research group. (as)

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