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Ayesha Curry Shares the Healthy Lifestyle Tips that Helped Her Drop 35 Lbs. During Quarantine

Ayesha Curry is sharing details of her healthy quarantine lifestyle.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Canada Lifestyle, Ayesha — an actress, chef, and cookbook author — explained how she was able to remain active and healthy while isolating at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Being healthy isn’t just about what you do in the gym or in the kitchen, it’s about the in-between too and how it all fits together," Ayesha, 31, said.

The wife of NBA star Steph Curry  and mom of three showed off her fit figure in a May Instagram post, revealing she had lost 35 lbs. during the pandemic.

And she feels lucky to be able to enjoy her healthy lifestyle with Steph by her side.

"Stephen and I have been riding bikes outside together which has been really nice, or try and time our workouts together," she said, adding that the their kids will get involved in the workouts at times.

"It’s kind of like summer camp with Stephen and I both home," Ayesha said. "So we try and keep the kids active.”

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