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Celeb Trainer Claps Back At Mum Shamers After Workout Video Goes Viral

Her impressive workout videos (and phenomenal physique) have garnered her a mass of adoring fans on Instagram. But celeb fitness trainer Massy Arias’ latest post is drawing even more attention than usual. And this time, it’s for all the wrong reasons.   

Last weekend, the new mum shared a clip of herself lifting weights at the gym with her 9-month-old daughter Indi strapped to her back via a baby carrier.

“21lb weight vest custom made,” she wrote in the caption.

Everyday discovering something brand new ? 21lb weight vest custom made ?? So my week didn’t go as expected and I got some bad news on my birthday about my mom. This weekend I’m channeling all my energy to feeling better so I can figure out the best solution. Things could be a lot worse , so I’m thankful for it. Going to be doing a lot more of these workouts because she seems to love to fall asleep like this. Oh, did I say it was HARDER THAN I THOUGHT? ? @teddysphotos ”I’m in love with your body” WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #momlife #beastmode #childofGod _____________________________________________________________ Cada día describiendo algo nuevo ? mi chaleco con pesas hecho a pedir con 21lbs ? Mi semana no ha ido como esperaba al recibir unas noticas un poco desafortunadas de mi mamá. Este fin de semana lo tomaré para canalizar mi energía y encontrar la solución correcta para resolver sus problemas de salud. Las cosas podrían ser aún peor así que muy afortunada me siento. Estaré haciendo estos entrenamientos más a menudo con Indira porque la verdad que esto estuvo más difícil de lo que pensé. DALE! #hijadecristo

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Many praised her for her multi-tasking efforts, labelling her “#mumgoals,” a “true inspiration,” and a “pioneer of the new way to think and act when it comes to obstacles and excuses!”

But others were quick to criticise her for putting her baby in harm’s way.

“I think you’re great but I would rethink your daughter on your back,” one user weighed in. “Too much bouncing for her. Her brain is still developing. Also, does not look comfortable for her and might upset her stomach.”

“I really can’t understand y [people] can’t leave their kids safely aside to workout instead of using them as added weights…” added another. “That constant jerking and swaying isn’t good for them… get them a lil rocker and set them aside.” 

Arias, however, has no time for haters. 

Focused-Determined ❤️??? This is going to be 60 days of a lot of fun. Every time I commit to doing one of my programs with you guys I go into a beast mode mentality. Yes, I am where I want to be aesthetically, but I’m far from where I want to be performance wise. My exercise induced asthma is back, so let’s get rid of it again. Tomorrow my @mawarriors don’t forget about our live Q&A on our private Facebook group. Please tune in and write down your questions. Let the transformations begin [ cheers to becoming better athletes and changing our lifestyles] ??? Enrollment opened until Dec 5th. To sign up visit WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM OR CLICK LINK IN BIO. Free weight program. Plant based and carnivore options available. #ma30day #beastmode #momlife #childofGod #transformation _____________________________________________________________ Determinada y enfocada. ❤️??? Aunque estéticamente estoy donde quiero estar, mi rendimiento no esta donde debería. Mi asthma inducida por el ejercicio vuelve a molestarme y es hora de llevar mi rendimiento a otro nivel. Cada vez que me comprometo a hacer uno de mis programas con ustedes, entro en una mentalidad de bestia. Estos próximos 60 días serán maravillosos! El último día para inscribirse al programa es el 5 de Diciembre. No esta traducido en español todavía pero si eres bilingüe, dale click a mi biografía o visita WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #hijadecristo #workoutmotivation

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“I respect your opinion but with all due respect, I don’t appreciate that from the moment I said I was pregnant and still today, people are suggesting I’m the type of mother who will not protect her child,” she responded in all caps.

“There was no vigorous rocking or jerking here as you can clearly see in the video. Movement is happening and she’s obviously sleeping through the whole thing so how is that jerking her? The vest was specifically put in a way that protected her head securely.”

I couldn’t resist to put a crown on that little princess today. Happy Friday my queens, don’t forget to keep that chin up so that crown doesn’t slip. I think I’m having way too much fun dressing up with Indi. I think I’ll be Pocahontas with this little one. What are you guys thinking for Halloween ? Have a blessed weekend. I got a challenge for you tomo. Stay tuned ? WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #babyindi #babygirl #childofGod _____________________________________________________________ No me pude resistir de ponerle una corona a esta princesa. Feliz viernes mis reinas, no se olviden de levantar sus caras siempre para que esa corona nunca se caiga. Tengas confianza en ustedes mismas porque nosotras lo podemos todo. Tantos son los roles que tenemos que actuar que la vida nos prepara para todo. Las quiero…mañana les tengo un reto así que no se lo pierdan! #hijadecristo

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She continued: “First it was about body shaming because I wasn’t showing too fast, then the shaming about me working out during my pregnancy, then the shaming that I stopped breastfeeding her too soon even though she never latched on and I was pumping exclusively for 6 months, then this? Come on.” 

Mum shamers: consider this yet another example of why it’s never OK to pass judgement on another woman’s parenting choices.

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