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Depression can be underestimated in elderly solid

Many Germans have no idea of how Depression in older people is noticeable. Therefore, the disease is treated in the elderly is often incorrectly or not at all, which helps with the dramatically increased Suicide. This shows the current "Germany-Barometer Depression" the Foundation German depression aid.

"In the elderly the Depression is still more common than in younger people übersehen", Prof. Ulrich Hegerl, President and CEO of the Foundation German depression aid says. Symptoms such as hopelessness and lack of pleasure, sleep disorders or feelings of Exhaustion would often be interpreted as a consequence of aging or a physical illness fail.

In the case of the representative survey among more than 5,000 persons between 18 and 79 years, showed that 83 percent of respondents believe that a Depression would most often occur in young and middle adulthood. This assumption is mainly due to the fact that Stress (97 percent), and exposure at the workplace (95%) for the German one of the main causes of the Depression include. "A Depression depends much less of the current life circumstances, as many believe. It is a separate disease that can affect anyone – also Senioren", clear Hegerl.

Offers f&uuml help;r äolder people with depression

Website of the German depression help

Reviews of elderly patients on the website of the Federal centre for health education

Info-phone, Depression of the Foundation German depression aid: 0800 33 44 5 33

Social-psychiatric services in the health offices

Advice and self-help groups specifically for relatives

Äolder people will be offered to rare psychotherapy

The survey also reveals that errors result in about depression in the elderly to ensure those Affected are not properly treated: Only 12 percent of all patients over 70 years of psychotherapeutic treatment, even though 64 percent of respondents would be willing to take a therapy. 81 percent of people over 70 years would also also medicines for Depression, in the case of the young respondents (18 to 29 years), there are only 67 percent.

"If the personal environment Depression not to perceive as a distinct, treatable disease, then the affected seniors may not be supported on the path to a professional treatment. But it’s crucial to be exhausted because the Affected is often alone and hopeless, to self-help to organisieren", Hegerl says. The expert is of the opinion that the elderly would be offered to rare psychotherapy, and you will be at a disadvantage in the supply system.