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Kayla Itsines Statement About Self-Acceptance Is A Must-Read For All Women

Body diversity is having a major moment in fashion right now – and it’s about bloody time. Finally, big name brands seem to be getting the message that one size does not fit all. That said, the social media world (and fitness industry for that matter) still has a lot of catching up to do – Something that BBG founder Kayla Itsines knows all too well.  

As an influencer, she’s seen first-hand how easy it is for women to get caught up in comparing themselves to the unrealistic (read: highly-filtered) snaps they see online. Which is why she’s serving us all a timely reality check: this ‘compare and despair’ attitude does zero good for our mental health.

In a recent Instagram post, she wrote: “I’ve seen so many women who look at other women and say, ‘If I looked like her, I would be happy,’ or ‘If I just had that – I would be happy.’

But here’s the truth: “You will never look like anyone but yourself and you will never have anything you don’t work for.”

“Instead of wanting something other than what you have now, concentrate on YOU,” she continued. “Focus on your life, your body, changing your mindset and setting goals YOU can achieve.”

And she’s totally right. When we put all our energy into wanting to change, we miss alllll the epic things we have going for us in the present moment.  

As Kayla sums up, “you are only ever going to be YOU- be the best version of yourself and keep working on yourself. Look at yourself and feel PROUD!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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