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Morning or Evening showers? No matter, this is not!

When is it better to take a shower?

Most people start the day with a shower. The other showers in the evening is better. But it’s showers, no matter when we? The right shower time is important for the muscles, the circulatory system and for our well-being. It is crucial which shower type we are. We explain when we should take a shower. General answers there are not.

If you like hot and long, this should be done preferably in the evening. The hot water relaxes the muscles and lowers the blood pressure somewhat, since the vessels wide. This makes you tired more quickly and can better fall asleep. Especially after a stressful day, showering can be a real blessing!

Showers as a sleep aid

If you insulate in addition, the light in the bathroom, or even in the candlelight, showers, support your body in addition to the distribution of the sleep hormone Melatonin. In addition, the evening shower for the morning person is of advantage to in the morning, take advantage of every Minute for sleep.


Also people with allergies should shower better in the evening, advises the German Allergy and asthma Federation (DAAB). Possible allergens such as animal hair, Pollen and dust from the skin and the hair are rinsed off and not end up in bed. A nasal douche can sneezing attacks before going to sleep and a runny nose relieve. In addition, the Allergy experts advise not to bring street clothes into the bedroom, thus adhering allergens are not able to distribute in the room air.

Dry Skin

For skin that tends to dryness, the evening cleaning is better. Because the night can regenerate the protective mantle of the skin easier. Then no tight clothing rubs on the body and also the care of the body has enough time to Move in. Before bedtime is the ideal time for body shaving is to go also. So the skin can calm down until the next Morning and redness can subside.

With shower gel or without?

In the case of very sensitive and dry skin it is not best to use lukewarm water, in order not to irritate the skin. On shower gel you can do without sometimes even: “Who is the only sweaty, but not dirty, it comes without cleaning aid. The desired refreshment brings the showers anyway, and the water has a Abspüleffekt,“ says Dr. Ernst Tabori, Director of the German Advisory centre for Hygiene (BZH). “If this is for a self-sufficient, everyone must decide for themselves. Sick of the waiver of a shower gel will not be“ the expert explains.

Who doesn’t like to dispense the foam to Lather at all, should be according to the hygiene experts to use mild products. “The less aggressive or irritable by the end of the active substances to the skin, the less you will be affected in their natural function,” says Tabori.

Clean in the day

If you are prone to night sweating is with the morning shower to be better off. She flushes away the sweat and prevents odor formation. Also oily hair often require a wash in the Morning, so that night-time the sebaceous glands and fatty skin deposits from the head and the hair rinsed, and the hair looks not flat or stringy.

In the morning shower than the fresh kick

The shower in the Morning also has the advantage that it brings the circulation going and energy for the day ahead. For slightly cooler water temperatures are recommended but. They stimulate blood circulation and invigorate the body and spirit. Therefore, the saying that the best ideas always come in the shower.

The dose and the poison

Whether you should shower in the morning or in the evening, is a question of taste. However, no matter whether in the morning or in the evening: For most of the daily showers is part of the Wellness program. Some of the showers even two Times a day. However, you should really only be used in exceptional cases, as the skin dries out too much. The natural protective acid mantle is attacked and germs have an easier ride. Dermatologists advise even to take a shower to protect the skin only every two to three days. (sb)