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Muscle building: More reps, or instead of heavy Weights for strength training?

Strength training: Brings a lot of really a lot?

When it comes to building muscle when strength training, the ghosts. Is it cope better with high Weights and less repetitions, Weights or the other way around? We have consulted a fitness expert and lecturer at the German University for prevention and health management. The findings of astonishment.

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Healthier and fitter

For years, reports on a booming Fitness industry in Germany and other countries. While it used to be more so-called “bodybuilders” who trained in the gym today, where “normal” people young and old. The optical results achieved in the process, play when strength training is often a pleasant in addition to role. To many, it is more important to be in Sport to be healthier and fitter. Especially beginners can make when lifting Weights but also some things wrong. The Motto “brings a lot of a lot of” should not be the guideline by beginners.

Strength training helps weight loss

Strength training is not in the Trend: Training with Weights is only for muscle building, but also helps with weight loss.

This, in turn, leads to a risk for many civilization will be reduced diseases, such as Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.

Strength training is associated, apparently, with further benefits for the people. According to a study by Australian scientists, the sports Exercises to improve the Weights of the cognitive skills.

Not too many Weights laying on of

Who wants to be in the gym to be healthier, fitter and stronger, but it should not hang up too many Weights. Because: “The execution of quality training for strength and power is minimized at the expense of excessive Weights,” warns Marcel Reuter, fitness expert and lecturer at the German University for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. “The consequences of a wrong weight choice can be a performance stagnation or injury to the musculoskeletal system,” says the expert. The question is, what weight is suitable, based upon the exercise selection, as well as the training goal and the level of performance of the sportsman.

The load on the musculoskeletal system – muscles, ligaments, bone is generally greater, the higher the weight is.

Improvement of the muscle metabolism

As it is, supports the strength training with lower Weights and many reps, the increase in performance. Strength and endurance training, where the user should choose a weight which he with 15-30 reps can move. Due to the high number of repetitions of the muscle metabolism and the execution of the Movement be improved.

According to the expert, this training is suitable not only for beginners but also for performance-oriented athletes, as the basis for higher intensities to be created.

Hypertrophy training for muscle building

Exercises with higher Weights have a positive effect on muscle building. The so-called hypertrophy training, which is aimed at muscle growth, to be strengthened with eight to 15 repetitions, bones and connective tissue.

Furthermore, it provides by increasing the potential for improved stability of the joint. However, an individual dosage is necessary to avoid congestion and to achieve the desired training effects.

Power tests give an indication of which weight is the right thing to do. Thus, for example, with a more repeat power test to determine what training intensity should be achieved. One such Instrument is the so-called “Individual-performance image-method” (in short: ILB-method), in which the current efficiency is tested, which then serves as a guide for the next training sessions. (sb, ad)