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Norovirus is more contagious than thought

Often, it is true, passengers on cruise ships or students on class trips: gastro-intestinal disorders. Cause are usually norovirus. A study demonstrates that the insidious pathogen will trigger almost every fifth diarrhea and vomiting.

The dreaded norovirus for nearly one in every five stomach-intestinal disease worldwide. 18 per cent of the recorded cases of diarrhea and vomiting can be triggered by the virus, revealed in the British journal “The Lancet” study. The causative agent was so contagious that 18 viruses are sufficient for infection and alone in a gram of human stool a billion of them would.

A vaccine against norovirus, it is not, so the researchers can give at the moment. The results showed the importance of the development of such a product. The Team of Benjamin Lopman, from the U.S. center for disease control and prevention in Atlanta had taken into account data from 175 publications. More than 187,000 cases of vomiting and diarrhea of recent years from 48 countries were covered.

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Emergency outpatient clinics and inpatient hospital stays

On an emergency, outpatient clinics and in-patient clinic, only 17 percent of norovirus cases was accounted for by stays. The excitation caused by the dreaded heavy, but very often even slight gradients, the researchers write. The sheer amount of infections of concern, but for a lot of bad diseases – in the US alone, 800 deaths have decreased annually on noroviruses.

The Incidence in developing countries is similar to the one in industrialized countries. “This shows that norovirus, unlike bacterial and parasites are not controlled just by improved water and sanitation situation”, Lopman quoted in the “Lancet”-a communication to the study.

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Annually 1.45 million Deaths due to diarrhea and vomiting

The analysis was co-funded by the world health organization and the Dutch Ministry of health. To vomiting and diarrhea 1.45 million people die every year, therefore, in Africa and Southeast Asia, he caused more than a quarter of deaths in children under five years of age. What is the proportion of the norovirus is, is still unclear.

Noroviruses are often especially for the Problem, where people are close together and on the same Buffet food: the case of cruises, for example, class trips, or even in kindergartens

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