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Parents Are ‘Very Impressed’ By These ‘Magic’ Sleep Stickers That Help Kids Fall Asleep In Minutes

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As any parent will know, sleep time can be the biggest hassle of the day. You get through the trials of the day and then as soon as nighttime hits, you know a battle is coming: the battle of getting your kid to have a restful sleep. Things happen, and it can be a while until a restful sleep is in store for your kiddo.

But we just found an affordable patch that parents claim helps their kids fall asleep in literal minutes. And it’s under $20!

Adult Size SleepyPatch – Sleep Promoting Stickers$36.00, originally $74.97 for a 3-PackBuy now

The SleepyPatch Stickers are an all-natural way of helping your little ones fall asleep quickly, without the fuss and without the hours of trying to get a sliver of sleep. Made with an essential oil blend of mandarins, lavender, marjoram, and vetiver, these patches are specifically designed to help calm the nervous system in minutes. (And before you ask, yes, it’s completely backed by science!)

However, getting to sleep quicker isn’t the only benefit of these patches! They are said to help minimize the effects of insomnia, reduce stress and fatigue, and even stimulate deeper REM sleep.

Per the brand, this patch is suitable for ages two and up and all you have to do is apply the sticker to your clothing. Not only can they last up to four hours to help you wind down, but the sealed patches have a shelf life of up to six months!

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Keep in mind: One pack is $14.99, but the price of each goes down a bit if you decide to order a three or four-pack!

Now, shoppers really can’t get enough of these little patches! One shopper said that people “should tell everyone about this magic,” saying, “Ok, so my 2 and a half-year-old has only ever slept through the night 3 times in his whole life, and every time he was very sick. These arrived Friday, I put the sticker on him and within an hour he was ready for bed (he usually takes at least 3 hours to simmer down)… I have sent the link for these magical stickers to everyone I know with children.”

Another shopper added that they’re “lifesavers,” saying, “Well well well I’m on night 2 and I am very impressed, my daughter 4.5yr who’s had sleep issues since age 2 (tried everything) and now has gone to sleep within 15min using sleepy patch, where as prior to these it would take her 2 hours to fall asleep, was skeptical at start as we are with new things. I am truly amazed, thankyou so much for this beautiful natural product.”

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