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Putting a sponge in your vagina can be FATAL, warns doctor

Dr Gunter was outraged after the product was brought to her attention: “Anyone who tells you to put a sea sponge in your vagina wants you to grow more bacteria that causes toxic shock syndrome. 

“This is horrific and illegal in the US to promote sponges for periods.”

Dr Gunter has spoken out about the use of sponges as a contraceptive in the past but the emergence of the Holy Sponge product has led her to reinterate her warnings.

A brief Twitter spat broke out between Dr Gunter and Holy Sponge comppany owner Janeen Singer which culminated with Dr Gunter remarking: “You have demonstrated an inability to understand some pretty basic scientific data.

“What we know about sea sponges for menstrual use tells us they are not safe.”

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