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The hidden signs of diabetes – do you have this ‘burning sensation’ in your mouth?

Diabetes is a common condition that affects more than four million people in the UK, and 90 percent of all cases are caused by type 2 diabetes. You could be at risk of high blood sugar if you develop a burning pain at the back of your mouth, it’s been claimed.

Type 2 diabetes could be caused by the body not producing enough of the hormone insulin, or the body not reacting to insulin.

Without enough of the hormone, the body struggled to convert sugar in the blood into useable energy.

It’s crucial that if you think you may have diabetes, you speak to a doctor as soon as possible.

You should consider speaking to your doctor about diabetes if you have a fiery sensation at the top of your throat.

A burning sensation in the mouth has been linked with high blood sugar.

That’s because the pain may be a sign of dry mouth.

Some diabetes patients have reported having a persistently dry mouth, with no obvious explanation.

It’s believed that high blood sugar reduces saliva flow in the mouth.

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“Understanding how to recognise symptoms is key to maintaining a healthy blood sugar level,” said medical website Healthline.

“Anyone can have dry mouth, but it tends to affect people with diabetes because high blood sugar decreases saliva flow.

“Too little saliva in the mouth is a precursor for tooth decay and gum disease. Oddly enough, dry mouth may continue even after a diabetes diagnosis.

“Dry mouth is a side effect of some medications used to treat diabetes.”

But just because you have a dry mouth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have diabetes.

It’s perfectly normal to occasionally have a dry mouth – especially if you’re dehydrated or feeling nervous.

A dry mouth may also lead to bad breath, gum disease, and even an altered sense of taste.

Speak to a pharmacist if you have a persistently dry mouth.

Many people may have diabetes without even knowing it, because the signs and symptoms don’t necessarily make you feel unwell.

Common diabetes symptoms include having cuts or wounds that take longer to heal, having an unquenchable thirst, and passing more urine than normal.

You should speak to a doctor if you’re worried about the warning signs or symptoms of diabetes, or if you think you may be at risk.

Diagnosing the condition early is very important, because patients are more at risk of some deadly complications, including heart disease and strokes.

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