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The Internet’s Favourite Foundation Is…

These days, our social feeds are constantly flooded with celebrities and their perfect-looking selfies: flawless makeup, airbrushed complexion and virtually invisible pores.

And when our favourite filter doesn’t even come close to giving us that perfected finish, we’re often left scratching our heads. But we’ve recently discovered the makeup secret that models, actresses and makeup artists around the globe have known for a long time.

Turns out, it’s all in a foundation – one in particular actually – and it’s taken the Internet by storm, becoming the most pinned foundation ever on Pinterest.

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Meet Makeup For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation – it comes in over 40 different shades (just let that sink in), it’s super lightweight but covers everything (and we mean everything) and the result is seriously faultless. But what made this product revolutionary, was it being the first HD makeup product. It was originally designed to work with heavy television and movie lights, but lightweight enough to let the skin shine through – hence, creating the “HD” look. 

Larkin Brown, a researcher for Pinterest, spoke to Teen Vogue on how the cult-followed product has become the most pinned foundation on Pinerest. “Makeup For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation was designed for a photo finish. Boasting a formula that’s invisible to the naked eye, it has a buildable coverage that’s best for dry and combination skin,” Larkin explained.

Besides the fact that it’s available in close to every skin tone shade imaginable, fans are also drawn to the foundation because of the lightweight feel, and that you can control the coverage and finish, with a little going a long way. 

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Celebrity makeup artists continuously praise this foundation and it’s often a proud staple in their kits. Carl Ray, a makeup artist for celebs like Natalie Portman, Claire Danes and First Lady Michelle Obama, claims this is his absolute favourite base choice. He exclaims, “The formula covers all your skins imperfections, while remaining invisible on screen and in real life.”

And just in case you were wondering if this Internet hysteria translates to real-life purchases, the foundation sells like hot cakes from Sephora Australia, proving that it does indeed live up to the hype.

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