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The Need To Know Anti-Ageing Skincare Tips For Women

We all know the importance of taking your makeup off at night and wearing sunscreen – however new formulations and techniques in skincare and makeup could mean your anti-ageing game is about to get a serious revamp. Here are the skincare steps you never knew you were missing.

Double cleanse

While we’ve been taught since we bought our first foundation, not to go to bed with makeup on, your makeup remover wipe may not be doing the best job by itself. Enter: double cleansing. Often using a combination of oil to first dissolve makeup and grime and then a cream or foaming cleanser to deeply cleanse, this technique will leave your skin perfectly prepped for ultimate absorption of the rest of your products.

Learn to layer

The exciting thing about skincare is that you don’t have to choose between products – you can use all of them! The order that you apply them in however is crucial to how well they absorb into your skin. After cleansing the generally accepted application order (for nighttime) is serum, eye cream, moisturizer. The thickest formula goes last, as it locks all the ingredients underneath in to work their magic overnight. The layering of products allows the skin to absorb multiple active ingredients, which often work together to deliver results.

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Consistency is key

While it’s easy to chop and change between products, the best way to see real results is committing to a routine. A minimum of three months is recommended to see genuine improvement. However if you’re on a tight skincare schedule and want to see results (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) then taking the Sukin 14-Day Purely Ageless Challenge could be the solution. Join the challenge here (hyperlinked) to see up to 78% visible reduction in fine lines in only two weeks.

Try an anti-ageing foundation

You may automatically revert to a full coverage (and potentially cakey) foundation to help with uneven skin tone and mask fine lines and wrinkles at a certain stage in your life – but new lightweight and active technology means your makeup could look more natural and be working harder for your skin at the same time. Consider firming, brightening and SPF all taken care of by one multi-tasking formula.

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