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This Is The Most Intelligent Star Sign, According To Science

We already know that our star sign can tell us heaps about our personality – from our default break up style (obvs via text if you’re a Cancer) to our vino of choice (fruity Barossa Cabernet for Aries, coz classy.)

But ever wondered if the time of year you were born could affect your intelligence, too? 

Researchers from Go Compare looked at the months that all the Nobel Prize winners since 1901 were welcomed into the world (there’s been 900, FYI). Using this data, they were able to establish which star signs are more likely to outshine their peers in the smarts department.

Geminis took out the top spot (with 97 Nobel Laureates repping them,) followed by Libra (93 winners) and Virgo (88 winners.)

Pisces only had 66 winners in their group, but one was Albert Einstein so that’s worth double points in our books. 

Last but not least was Capricorn, with a measly 57 winners (soz about it, guys.)

You can check out the full list below:

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