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UK coronavirus vaccine: Is Government printing Union Flag on Oxford jabs?

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Coronavirus could have its days numbered now, as three projects have produced workable, highly effective vaccines. Multinational companies Pfizer and Moderna developed their 95 percent effective jabs in the US, with potential rollout scheduled for 2021. Oxford University and pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca developed a cheaper, 90 percent effective jab in the UK, which is also on course to join the others next year.

Is the Government printing Union Flags on the Oxford coronavirus jab?

The Huffington Post released a report this morning in which they outlined alleged Downing Street plans to brand the Oxford vaccine with Union Jacks.

Their article states the request to do so came from the “Union unit”, a recently-formed group tasked with fighting calls for Scottish independence.

They added the group had asked the Government’s vaccine task force to use the flag, something No 10 has denied.

Downing Street said they had no plans to print the flag on vaccine kits.

Insiders allegedly told the Post the request had backing from Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Business Secretary Alok Sharma.

A Government spokesman said: “Manufacturing for some of the leading potential vaccines is already underway so they can be rolled out quickly if approved.

“Manufacturers are well-versed in the best way to package products like this.”

News of the plans has received mixed backing from the general public, some of whom reject the idea, and others who think it appropriate.

Author Ian Dunt gave a stunning indictment of the plan, saying on Twitter: “On the face of it, this is the usual brain-dead micro-d**k culture war stuff.

“But what’s really troubling is that it was motivated by fears of Scottish independence.

“That suggests they’ve no understanding whatsoever of how to save the Union.”

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Another user said they agreed with the plan, saying: “There’s nothing wrong with this.

“It’s produced in the UK, so it’s fair to have the union flag printed on it.”

Many of those fawning over the idea may have their conceptions about the vaccine misplaced, as it is not an exclusively British endeavour.

In fact, the Oxford vaccine is a collaborative effort from a vast collection of nations.

Oxford University’s partner AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish multinational firm with a French CEO, Pascal Soriot.

Mr Soirot’s company will take charge of producing the vaccine for mass consumption, and was responsible for setting its low price.

On the other side of the partnership, Oxford’s scientists come from 37 different nations.

Official figures obtained by the New European show of the 383 workers, 68 come from nations in the European Union, and another 32 come from other countries around the world.

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