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Watch this grape-sized leg cyst ERUPT like a volcano

Stomach-churning video shows a man’s grape-sized leg cyst ERUPT like a volcano

Stomach-churning video shows a man’s grape-sized leg cyst ERUPT like a volcano when his friend’s mother squeezes it

  • The man, called, Nick had suffered with the giant spot on his knee for six months
  • Pus fires across Nick’s leg and onto the furniture as the cyst is burst repeatedly
  • One of the people watching from off-camera says ‘I will never forget this’

A stomach-churning video shows the moment a 30-year-old man’s leg cyst erupts like a volcano when he friend’s mother squeezes it.

Named only as Nick, the American man had been suffering with the painful lump on his knee for six months.

Tired of the giant spot making it uncomfortable for him to walk, Nick turned to family friends in Las Vegas who sliced it with a box cutter and squeezed the pus out.

The lump appears to be the size of a grape at the beginning of the video and explodes three times, squirting milky fluid into the air and onto the chair beside him.

Nick was surrounded by friends who were thrilled by the grotesque experience – one afterwards described it as ‘crazy’ and ‘exciting’.

Mitchel Vellinga filmed the moment his mother burst a huge cyst on the leg of his friend, Nick – the group had sliced open the cyst with a box cutter before the video began

Mitchel Vellinga got more than he bargained for when his friend Nick visited his parents’ house in Las Vegas.

In the two-minute clip filmed by Mr Vellinga, his mother dons plastic gloves and squeezes the huge spot from his friend Nick’s leg.

Mr Vellinga revealed his mother had used a box cutter dipped in rubbing alcohol to slice open Nick’s leg, and then pressed it to remove the pus.

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The video begins with a woman off-camera repeatedly asking Nick if he is OK before the spot-popping begins.

A man then warns a girl called Sophie to move away from the spot.

He said: ‘Be careful it’s gonna poke you in the eye, Sophie. Seriously don’t stand over it like that.’

Shortly afterwards when the cyst is squeezed it bursts suddenly, firing thick pus into the air.

Nick can be heard saying: ‘You gotta keep going. It’s gonna splatter but you gotta go for it.’

When Mr Vellinga’s mother squeezes the cyst pus fires out of it like a volcano erupting and the people around him gasp and laugh

At the beginning of the video Nick’s cyst appears to be the size of a grape but as his friend’s mother continues to squeeze it, splattering the pus across his leg and the furniture, it gradually shrinks in size

The growth is squeezed again and before long it explodes again.

A girl behind the camera shouts: ‘This is so cool right now. Oh my gosh, thank you Nick for giving me this awesome experience. I will never forget this.’

Cyst made it hard for the man to walk 

Mr Vellinga, who filmed the experience at his parents’ house explained: ‘It was hard for Nick to walk.

‘He trusts my mom, so he asked her if she would just help him pop it.

‘We didn’t have anything sharp besides a box cutter, so we dunked it in rubbing alcohol and hoped for the best.

As the video ends the cyst appears to have been drained completely and Mr Vellinga, who was filming his friend’s ordeal, said the mess took about five minutes to clear up

‘I know the procedure wasn’t ideal, but it was what we had to relieve him of his pain.’

Mr Vellinga said there was no foul smell but it did take some time to clear up.

‘There was a lot of bloody pus’ 

He added: ‘There was just a lot of bloody pus. It took about 10 minutes and then five to clean it up.

‘We cleaned it up with alcohol, anti-bacterial and applied some cotton wool.’

Since the procedure, the cyst has not returned and Mr Vellinga described the experience as ‘crazy’ and never originally thought about posting the clip online.

He added: ‘It was an exciting experience and I would totally do it again.’ 


It’s normal for people to be engrossed and amazed by videos of pimples being popped and spots being squeezed, a neuroscientist has explained.

The internet obsession is popular because some people have evolved to get pleasure from bumps being removed from the skin, according to an expert.

Videos like those made by dermatologist Sandra Lee – aka Dr Pimple Popper – are common on social media, and the Californian doctor even has her own TV show.

And while oozing pus and grotesque lumps divide audiences into those who love it and those who hate it, there is real science behind the fascination.

Neuroscientist Heather Berlin, from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says it is all down to people’s need to stay healthy and get possibly dangerous things out of their bodies.   

She told the Washington Post: ‘Evolutionarily speaking, it’s normal behavior to want to remove bumps from your skin.’

Because those bumps could be parasites or other unwanted visitors, people have developed to make removing them pleasurable, Dr Berlin said.

She added it stimulates part of the brain which reacts to dopamine – a reward chemical – and gives people ‘a little hit of pleasure’. 

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