Health Problems

I’m going to start going to therapy soon. I know there’s nothing wrong with going to therapy and there’s nothing wrong with me because of it. But it feels wrong with the stigma and all. How do I deal with the stigma and stay cool and all that?

Thanks for your question. Starting therapy to better understand yourself and how you respond to life is outstanding. Congratulations on moving forward with this. It takes strength to look at yourself, reflect, and figure out how you can feel better.

A few ideas about the stigma, which is sometimes connected with therapy.

We all have bumps in the road of life–some are pebbles, some are mountains. Understanding how you can address these bumps in a way that will work for you is a hugely important skill to learn and many people use therapy for this. You might find that something which feels stigmatizing at first feels better once you’ve had some time in therapy to think about it.

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