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Why Music Can Heal The Mind

The subtleness of music as the single greatest form of expression known to man is perhaps why it has proven so elusive to point it out in society. The very fabric of our daily lives is usually denoted by the presence of sounds all around us. Yet, because sight is usually paramount due to the vividness of colors, we oft tend to think of it as our single greatest asset. Turns out, it’s not.

Music is an old form of therapy for the brain

Researchers worldwide have found a connection in the way our brains synthesize sounds in our daily lives. Music tends to have a repetitive pattern usually coherent in the layout. Due to their occupation, musicians tend to have an enhanced higher degree to not only perceive the sounds, but also cook up fancy, catchy tunes.

The Brain

In contemporary times, people discourse about the essence of workout at just about every opportunity they get. It is all well and good since working out helps improve our metabolism and most body functions. Consciousness about working out seems to emit that good feeling dopamine in our brains.

Dopamine is a chemical that is usually secreted by neurons to send signals to other nerve cells. It affects our emotions, sensations of pleasure,  pain and movements. As one can envisage, it is quite essential.

One of the biggest effects music has on our brains is the ability to active their relaxation mode

When planning our next workout schedule, it is important for us to be mindful of the brain. What does that really mean, working out the brain means training our brain to react and perceive different situations differently. A well-nourished and fit brain is one that is able to multi-task, handles stress situations in a breeze and delivers whenever the occasion arises.


Think about any professional sport, most talk about the essence of having a clear mind right before any game. Having such kind of thinking prepares us for any eventuality during and after the game. By doing so, we can achieve a sense of focus.

The younger generation with all their hipness associated with them seems to be in tune with this philosophy already. Today, there is a booming industry for headphones and earpieces worldwide. It’s a credit perhaps to the innovators in those earpiece companies. They simply recognized a gap and offered products to fill them. Stroke of genius? Not exactly. Innately, humans are wired to respond to sounds.

What Music Does To Your Brain?

Music has the power to directly affect our brain, the way we feel, our reactions to certain events and also our character

Music ranges over so many spectrums. It’s all about finding something that you connect. It can be classical music, jazz, operas, reggae, hip-hop, electronic music or simply, all the aforementioned. Finding a good fit is the first step to creating a harmonious environment for the brain to operate.

There are of course the obvious reasons that music helps you in your daily lives. These are scenarios like pumping you up for a trip, for a night out or to the gym, soothing broken hearts and for concentration purposes. Then, there’s the other less-explored dimension of the effects of music on the brain. Let’s delve deeper…

Stronger Bonds

When listening and dissecting music as a group, we tend to feel connected to individuals in the group. Chemicals like endorphins and dopamine cause this reaction.

Music tends to develop feelings of belonging to the group, bias towards members of the group, positive associations among members and responses to group threat in various settings.

Less Pain

Have you ever wondered how women are able to step out in high heels when they are going out at the club? Well, worry no more. Researchers have found that singing and dancing together in multitudes tends to increase our pain tolerance over time. This is again due to the secretion of dopamine and endorphins in the brain.

Since the brain is responsible for sensations in the body, by blocking out the pain due the good feeling generated, the brain helps us connect with others and simply just zone out in all the fun.

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