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Chrissy Teigen Is Funny AF About Breastfeeding — & Breast Pumps

How do we love Chrissy Teigen and John Legend? Let us count the ways. On second thought, that would take far too long. So here’s just the latest reason.

Why, yes, John Legend did post a photo of his wife breastfeeding in the car on the way to dinner out. And yup, he did give her the shoutout on Father’s Day. And your eyes do not deceive you: Chrissy Teigen was clearly amused — flashing a peace sign — and didn’t seem to mind the picture at all. Can we get an #AllTheGoals? 

These two continue to slay us with their playful, completely adorable approach to love, marriage and parenthood. Seriously, they’re killing it. They’re killing us. We would have long given up on humanity in 2018 were it not for these two.

“She’s taking me to dinner but still on Mommy duty,” Legend captioned the selfie, showing Teigen with dress down and breast pumps taking center stage. TMI? Nah, not for Teigen. If you recall, she posted a pic of herself wearing wretched post-birth meshy underpants three days after delivering their second born, baby Miles.

We love the candor. We love the teamwork. We love that these two likely fight and then have great makeup sex that includes laughing their cute asses off. We love that they’re not afraid to show parenting as it is. We can’t figure out how we can possibly relate so well to a supermodel/cookbook author and a Grammy winner, but damn, Legend and Teigen — for all their fame and fortune — just seem, well, normal. 

Most of all? We love them for this, which is admittedly anything but normal for exhausted parents of a preschooler and a newborn. In fact, it’s extraordinary:

Legend and Teigen donated $288,000 to the ACLU from their family — $72,000 each — on Donald Trump’s birthday to defend the rights of immigrant families seeking asylum in the U.S. Their bold public action inspired fans to donate more than a million dollars on top of that. 

Luna Simone and Miles Theodore, you two have definitely hit the parent jackpot. What better way to grow up than in a household where nobody’s afraid to laugh at themselves? How fantastic is it to have parents unafraid to take a stand on behalf of others who are far less fortunate? We haven’t gotten a dinner invite yet from the Teigen-Legends, but maybe if we keep writing adoring articles about the family, they’ll take pity on us and invite us for a night of Teigen’s short ribs and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Maybe.

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