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Jessie James Decker Mom-Shamed for Drinking While Breastfeeding

Country musician Jessie James Decker is a busy mom with three small kids; her newest bub, a boy named Forrest, is particularly cute (a fact we know because his mom posts plenty of pics on Instagram). And yet, a recent photo of said cute bub brought out quite the indignant comments — from people who think breastfeeding moms should never drink alcohol.

It doesn’t take much for the whole mom-shame gang to come out in full force these days, especially when it comes to a celebrity doing, well, basically anything with their kids. This particular photo was no different. In it, Decker chills out with a glass of wine while nursing her little guy. Of course, this prompted a hearty comment-area fight between those who say alcohol should never, ever be consumed by nursing moms and those who feel a glass or two on occasion is fine.

The comments ranged in tone, and some were pretty cringeworthy (for example, the following: "alcoholic mom = alcoholic baby. Good luck. Put down the bottle for a few months. Look at me look at me I have a boob and a baby" and "Typical! Breast feeding while drinking ??. Cheers little boy, poor baby! Lady you realize that alcohol does affect your baby negatively."). 

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom and hellish judgment; comments like, "Bravo !!! You enjoy motherhood and you both look fabulous !!!" show some support. And another commenter said, "If she is drinking a glass of wine while bf that’s the best time to do it. You [don’t] just have a drink and it automatically goes into your breast milk."

In addition to the breastfeeding-and-wine comments, there were quite a few sad individuals who focused on the sweet nursing pic — because breastfeeding boobs are, you know, to remain sight unseen. Oy.

Not all hope is lost, however, as one comment reads, "You inspire me. Starting to feel more confident to breastfeed in public because of you. Thank you @jessiejamesdecker."

Keep plugging along, Jessie, and keep posting pics — we’re here for it.

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