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Kate Hudson is Psyched to Go to Bars With Her Son

Actor and (controversial) Weight Watchers ambassador Kate Hudson can’t wait till she and son Ryder can hang at bars together.

The Fabletics founder and creator gushed about her eldest son in an interview with chef and TV host Rachael Ray recently. The episode of Rachael Ray will air April 22.

“He’s almost 6 feet. I used to dream about that day, like, ‘One day, honey, I’m going to be looking up to you.’ And the other day, he gave me a hug and I almost burst into tears. It’s crazy, it’s amazing, it’s beautiful,” Hudson said of Ryder, 15, whom she shares with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Hudson also has a younger son Bingham, 7, with ex-fiance Matt Bellamy. She recently welcomed a daughter — Rani Rose — in late 2018 with current beau Danny Fujikawa, whose Instagram account is a low-key love letter to Hudson and their baby girl. (Trust us, it’s so worth following.)

We love the baby days too, but we are feeling Hudson right in the gut when she talks about enjoying the almost-adult years of our kids. “People kind of go, ‘I want to freeze them when they’re little.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t, actually.’ I’m having a blast. I can’t wait to go to a bar with my kid — is that weird? He’s so much fun!” Hudson told Ray.

We wonder if there will be backlash and mom shaming after the interview airs on April 22 — is it a weird thing, to look forward to hanging out at a bar with your son? We think it’s actually not so weird. You’ve spent countless years just trying to keep the damn creatures alive; why wouldn’t you look forward to toasting life and kicking back with a cold one and laughing about the time the hamster got loose and wound up in your yoga pant leg (with you)?

We have sacrificed enough by the time they hit 21, people.

Plus who wouldn’t want to hang out with this guy? Here’s Ryder, from his Instagram account. Dude IS hella fun.

Honestly, we’re tired of the judgers and the haters when it comes to a parent having a drink (or, gasp! two!) in front of the kids.

Anne Hathaway gave up drinking for her son and said on record that she’s swearing off alcohol until she turns 18. We absolutely respect her decision, but we also respect mamas and papas who choose to drink responsibly and model smart behavior around alcohol in front of the kids — long before the kids are ever faced with alcohol decisions to make on their own.

Can we just end with this adorable video of Hudson singing happy birthday to Ryder the morning of his 15th?




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