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Kim Kardashian West Goes Head-to-Head With Mom-Shamers (Again)

Would the week ever truly be complete if there weren’t at least one story of celebrity mom-shaming? Sadly, no. It seems that the online snake pit will always find a way to nitpick famous moms for every little thing. Jessica Biel let her son grow out his hair? Shamed. Khloé Kardashian left her daughter at home with the baby’s father? Shamed. Victoria Beckham dares to have a close relationship with her son? You guessed it. Shamed! 

All of this online bullying has been enough for another mom-shaming target, Kim Kardashian West, to come out on the offensive. 

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The KKW Beauty mogul has been busy online lately promoting her Classic Blossom collection, a range of pretty, floral-like lip colors. As a budding makeup artist herself, North naturally wanted to sample one of the hues. Kardashian West captured her daughter’s adorable transformation on Instagram Stories along with a stern message for mom-shamers. 

Image: Kimkardashian/Instagram.

"North wearing #6 in the new Classic Blossom Collection," she captioned the video. "Relax mom shamers, it’s coming off in a few minutes. I needed a bribe to get out the door…you feel me?!" 

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Her preemptive response was likely due to the backlash she received after posting another video of North attempting to contour her face earlier this week. In the now-vanished IG clip (thankfully captured by fans), the 5-year-old artist covered her nose as if the makeup were sunscreen to protect her during a long day at the beach. She enhanced the overall look with blue eye shadow. 

Is there a conversation to be had about what age children should be allowed to wear makeup out in public? Sure, but ripping apart another woman (one commenter derogatorily referred to Kardashian West as a "porn star" and inferred her daughter would follow suit) is not the way to start it. 

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