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Pregnant Shawn Johnson Says Daughter Drew Is Convinced of the Baby’s Sex: ‘She Definitely Has a Preference'

Going against the grain of all the celebrities who have had major sex reveals this year, Shawn Johnson is choosing not to find out the sex of her baby. The Olympic gold medalist is expecting her third child with retired football player Andrew East, and she is going to save the surprise of the baby’s sex for the delivery room.

Well, at least she’s trying to. Her doctor has agreed to keep that information to themselves, but Johnson’s firstborn — like most 3-year-olds — is making her adamant thoughts loud and clear. She keeps telling her mama a baby sister is on the way.

Johnson told E News exclusively that Drew is “convinced it’s a girl.”

“She definitely has a preference, which is kind of scary,” Johnson said. “Because that means there’s potential that she’ll be upset. But it’ll be fine.”

It will be more than fine. We have no doubt Drew will be in love with her little sibling, just like she’s in love with her brother Jett, 2. Plus, finding out this way is just how the expectant parents want it, and that’s what’s most important. The couple waited until Drew’s birth to find out her sex, and they learned Jett’s sex at a reveal party where they got splattered with blue paint. That was fun (and messy), but there’s a super sweet reason why Johnson wants this a surprise again.

“There was something so special with Drew about Andrew finding out first in delivery and being able to tell me,” she said. “It’s his little celebration moment. It was really, really special. And so we’re like, ‘Let’s just do that one more time.’”

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And she’s being serious about that whole “one more time” part. Johnson said this is her last pregnancy — “our family is complete with three” — but her husband wants a full house.

“I’m up for helping babies around the world who need families,” she said. “I think we can have that conversation later if that’s something we want to talk about. But this will be our last pregnancy.”

It turns out that this time around they’ll have much more help with the baby. Drew has already offered to help take care of her “sister.”

“She talks about how the baby’s going to sleep in her room and she’s going to take care of the baby,” Johnson said. “And I think, ‘This is great.’”

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