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Pregnant Shawn Johnson Shows off Bump at Olympic Reunion & A Special Detail Has Us Thinking Baby No. 3 Will Be a Gold Medalist

Shawn Johnson had what must have been the most special experience at the 2023 U.S. Gymnastics Championship this weekend, and this is the kind of nostalgic content we didn’t know we needed. The Olympic gold medalist attended a reunion with her team that competed in the 2008 Summer Games, and the mom of two documented the heartwarming homecoming on her Instagram story.

Johnson is expecting Baby No. 3 with her husband, retired football player Andrew East, and the fact that her baby bump was on full display at the ceremony made it even better. The last time she competed with this team, she showed off her strength with her awe-inspiring flips, and now she got to put the beautiful power of pregnant moms on full display. Because hey, all fertility and pregnancy journeys deserve a standing ovation.

And you know what blew our (and Johnson’s) minds? The fact that her and East’s hotel room number was “2008.” Are you kidding me? What were the chances that it would match with that life-changing year? “Well that’s cool,” she wrote over a selfie of her pointing to the number. “The room we got to stay in.”

That must be a sign from the universe that this baby will be a gold medalist, right? We bet they’ll follow in their mom, dad, and siblings’ footsteps (ICYMI: Drew, 3 and Jett, 1 have some serious gymnastic skills) and have quite the athletic career.

Because let’s recap: This baby stayed in room 2008, they made an appearance at this reunion, and the pictures announcing they were on the way were taken in front of the Olympic rings at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece. Need we say more?

After sharing pictures of herself with Nastia Liukin and other former teammates, Johnson posted a video that so many parents can relate to.

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“Four nights away from our babies is too long,” she said, getting emotional. “Three nights is like manageable before it’s too much I always bawled my eyes out seeing our kids. Drew kept saying, ‘Mommy, I haven’t seen you in a long time.’ And they’ve changed, they’ve grown up. That was an amazing trip … But man, I don’t ever want to travel.”

We have to imagine that she will travel in the future, though. And that the next time will be for Baby No. 3’s Olympic debut in the 2040 games.

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