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Treat your kids to modaks with these easy recipes

Say goodbye to Lord Ganesha by preparing his favourite modaks with these simple recipes.

As we get close to bidding farewell to Lord Ganesha, let’s offer him his favourite modaks for a perfect goodbye. Try this easy to make modaks at home, specially curated by Chef Rajesh Yadav, Pastry Chef, Holiday Inn Mumbai. Your kids are sure to appreciate these Kaju Modak and Kesar Modak recipes.

Kesar Modak recipe


Milk: 1 litre

Sugar: 100 gm

Saffron: 1 gm


Make mawa by simmering milk and sugar and allow it to cool for some time.

We will get approximately 300 gm of mawa from one litre milk.

Soak 1 gm saffron in 10 ml of warm milk or water then add mawa to it.

Shape the modak in a mould and garnish with strands of kesar.

Serve at room temperature.

We get 30 pieces of modak weighing 30 gm each.

Kaju Modak recipe


Cashewnut: 1 kg

Sugar: 800 gm

Water: 300 ml


Soak cashewnut for one hour.

After soaking grind it to a fine paste and keep it aside.

Make sugar syrup of one string consistency.

Now take a kadai, add the cashewnut paste and sugar syrup on slow flame. Cook for at least 10 minute in the kadai.

Allow it to cool and mould into shape of modak by using the mould.

Serve at room temperature.

We get 60 pieces of modak weighing 30 gm each.

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