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Would Meghan Markle Really Choose This Name for Her Daughter?

Predicting royal baby names has been a favorite pastime for many (and a profitable one for those who can correctly guess what royal moniker is coming next), which is why oddsmakers are stirring up excitement with a new name favorite taking the lead for the next royal, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby girl.

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Ever since then, it was confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting a second child, oddsmakers and royal watchers alike have been making predictions on everything from her name to her due date.

Before the pair announced that they were expecting a girl, Thomas was the favored name for a boy, and Diana was the favored name for a girl, with both being given 10/1 odds, according to However, in the wake of Prince Philip’s death last month, People reports that there’s a new name taking the lead: Philippa. If there is a more British-sounding name, we haven’t heard it (even though Philippa and Philip are both of Greek origin).

Ladbrokes, a gambling website that caters to gamblers in the U.K. and Ireland, has adjusted their odds based on the rise in speculation surrounding the name Philippa for Archie’s little sister, giving it 3/1 odds. Which, in the world of gambling means that the experts are saying there’s a 75 percent chance that the newest royal will bear a name that is a nod to Prince Harry’s late grandfather.

It’s not too far of a leap to guess that the prince will opt to give his daughter a name that serves as a tribute to his grandfather. Royal cousins Princess Eugenie and Zara Tindall both used Philip in the naming their sons (each of them chose it for a middle name). But, we’re not going to break open our piggy bank just yet. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have often broken with tradition when doing things, so we’re not putting too much stock into the prediction that they’ll choose such an obvious name for the baby.

That being said, there is something about the relationship that Prince Harry was reported to have had with his grandfather that makes us think he’ll do something to pay tribute to the man. The two had the shared connection of their military service, both of them having served in active duty war zones. Additionally, they both lost their mothers at a very young age. In fact, Prince Philip was with both Prince Harry and his brother in the days that followed Princess Diana’s untimely and tragic death.

Only time will tell what the next royal baby’s name will be, but we know no matter what she ends up being called, the newest member of the royal family will be well loved. You can bet on that.

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