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7 Things I’ve Learnt Since Arriving In Rio

1. Oi means hi in Portuguese. Which means we sound cray to them when we chant Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi, and the Brazilians sound rude to us when they answer the phone. Unfortunately that is the extent of my Portuguese so far.

2. It’s lucky I have a Samsung. Apparently thieves are exclusively crushing on iPhones. (Oh, and don’t expect NOT to be card-skimmed anywhere – including the official Olympics merch shop.)

3. The girl from Ipanema was hot, but so far I’d say our beaches are waaay better looking than the famed shoreline. Props to Rio’s draw-dropping harbour, though – it certainly gives Sydney’s one a run for its money.

4. And I can now say from experience that a group run along Ipanema’s esplanade is a bucket-list item worth ticking off.

5. Speaking of Ipanema Beach, the tall scaffolding that makes up the volleyball stadium doesn’t exactly look like it’d pass a building report test in Oz. That doesn’t stop me feeling smug that I can see it from my hotel room.

6. Even though it’s winter here (read: 25-30°C days), tropical strength Rid is certainly a must. I squashed a mozzie within my first eight minutes in the city. Hopefully that was before it bit me since I hadn’t yet unpacked the aforementioned Rid /-;

7. But on a very positive note, these Brazilians sure know how to throw a party – from what I’ve heard so far from the team I’m with, the DJs and traditionally dressed dancers are beyond. Can’t wait to get among it tomorrow morning.

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