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90 German waiting in China to the exit — Bundeswehr wants to get in the next few days

The Bundeswehr is to fly “in the next few days,” Germans and their families from the Chinese province of Hubei, one of the novel Coronavirus is spreading. The decision for an evacuation flight in a plane the air force had already been on Monday by the crisis unit of the Federal foreign office made, said Deputy Ministry spokesman, Christopher Burger, on Wednesday in Berlin. It would have to be resolved the last questions, in order to get a final approval from the Chinese side. Since Tuesday, four consular officials were on site to prepare the flight. What time is the plane carefully and land should start was not initially clear.


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Evacuation flight on Friday?

Among the about 90 Germans and nationals residing in the Region to the million city of Wuhan, has so far been no infections or suspected cases found. The aircraft of the Bundeswehr will land in Frankfurt am Main. The passengers from China to come in quarantine, as the Deputy spokesperson of the Federal Ministry of health, Doris Berve-Schucht, confirmed. “That depends, of course, along with the incubation time. 14 days of quarantine, I think, this is planned.” The decision is but in the case of the Frankfurt health authorities.

The state Secretary of the Hessian Ministry of health, Anne Janz, said that the Germans would be cared for after arrival, probably Central, and supplies, in order to prevent a risk of Infection. “The quarantine will be conditions,” she said. The passengers would be taken care of”, probably in the next 14 days, ( … ), that must, so to speak, make no one Worries.”

The “mirror” had reported on Monday evening, a return action is already planned for Wednesday or Thursday. The news magazine, according to Beijing but in the discussions with the Federal government to ensure that Civil aircraft and not military aircraft assume the use of.

The “image”newspaper reported, after the obvious delay on Wednesday that the evacuation flight is to take place on Friday.

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