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A Marathon is a burden for the heart

Biomarkers that indicate the load on the heart muscle, after a Marathon to significantly higher values than at shorter distances. A recent study by the American Heart Association shows.

The load on the heart muscle in a Marathon is much greater in the case of a half marathon or a distance of ten kilometers. The report Spanish researchers in the journal Circulation. "We normally assume that marathon runners are healthy and no risk factors, the könnten&quot during or after a race prone to a heart event;, Study author Juan Del Coso, Director of the sports physiological laboratory of the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid. Long-distance race, however, becoming more and more popular and the number of participants increases with the lack of preparation among the Amateur runners. "Our results suggest that Running shorter endurance races, the workload on the heart during the competition kann&quot reduce;, Del Coso said.

The Spanish researchers compared the concentrations of biomarkers of the heart, the indicators of cardiac Stress, 63 Amateur runners after a race over the distances of Marathon, half marathon or ten kilometers. Heart problems were particularly in men after the age of 35, and to a large part during the race. The risk to suffer within the years after the races to have a heart attack, was at all the runners the same and amounted to an average of about three percent. The load on the heart muscle after the Marathon, however, at the largest.