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A message to all the skeptics: presenter shows why masks are so important

Bill Nye has become in the United States as a presenter of science programs known – among other things, with his talk show, “Bill Naye the world” and a science programme for children to rescue. Also with health issues on a Nye knows. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why so many Americans refuse to wear during the Coronavirus pandemic, a mask.

Independence Day

Party pandemic, like the Americans, the Coronavirus ignore

Finally, the mouth, nose and can serve to protection the Virus is less likely to be transferred. In two Videos on the Social Media platform, the TikTok Nye explains clearly how a mask can help to prevent infections and what kind of mouth-nose cover is especially effective. The posts have already been viewed ten million Times in the App, and many users shared, ask your friends and Acquaintances to day wearing a mask.

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Masks against the Coronavirus: “A matter of life and death”

Nye explains in the Video, the protective function of the mask using a candle. He puts a scarf over the mouth and tried, the candle to blow out – the fire goes out immediately. Much more effective is a self-made everyday mask is: When trying to get the candle to blow out, flickers the flame, only a little. The best protection against the transfer of his own droplets to the other, and with the Coronavirus to infect, offers a FFP2 mask. This does not succeed, the Moderator, the flame of the candle at all anzupusten.

##WearAMask ##LearnOnTikTok ##TikTokPartner

While it comes to go not once in the first place, to protect themselves, declared the 64-Year-old. “The most important reason why you should wear a mask is to protect me from you,” he turns to the audience. “This is a matter of life and death.” The United States have exceeded this week, the number of three million Corona-Infected, the number of dead stands at over 130,000.

The mask issue has become in the United States, a political issue, the fronts are hardened. A lot of Republicans are to the President, Donald Trump reject to wear a mouth-nose protection, although the recommendations of the scientists are clearly. May be this Video can convince some of them.

Source: Bill Nye on TikTok

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