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As Bronchitis and pneumonia differ

At first glance, Bronchitis and pneumonia are similar. However, the exact comparison, there are a few hints, by which the two diseases of the respiratory system can differ from each other. Here you are in the know.

While in the case of Bronchitis, the mucous membranes of the bronchi and trachea are inflamed, relates to a pneumonia, in technical terms, of pneumonia, in General, the pulmonary alveoli or the lung tissue. The Bronchitis is caused in most cases by viruses. No antibiotics will help. Pneumonia can also be caused by viruses or fungi, caused by the classical pathogens are bacteria. In contrast, antibiotics are used.

Bronchitis often starts with a dry cough that may progress to a productive cough with expectoration of mucus. Usually, the mucus is more clear, or whitish. But it can also be yellow or green if bacteria come into play. Other symptoms resemble those of a common cold: runny nose, a headache or wheezing. In addition, pain can occur in the chest area. Fever is not usually occurs and also the difficulty in breathing, are usually not very pronounced.

In the case of pneumonia, which is heavier, a cough with mucus often – at least, if bacteria are the cause. What symptoms exactly will occur, strongly depends on the type of pathogen. High fever with perspiration, chills, rapid breathing and heart palpitations are typical symptoms of a bacterial infection outbreaks. Flu-like symptoms with a slight fever, head, muscle and limb pain and a General feeling of loss of strength and fatigue point more to viruses.

Whether it is a Bronchitis or a pneumonia and what is the best therapy, can ultimately sort out a doctor. To these one should consult in any case, if there is a suspicion on a pneumonia, or if symptoms persist for longer.



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