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Coronavirus and Ibuprofen – hospitals warn of Fake News

The clinics in Germany, as in many other European countries currently have their hands full: the Doctors and medical staff prepare for an increasing number of patients infected with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Now, individual hospitals also have to deal with Fake News, which will bring you in connection with the alleged studies. The false reports spread in social media and messenger services such as WhatsApp. The content appears to be controversial: It is a connection between Ibuprofen and the history of Covid-19 – the lung disease caused by the Coronavirus. Trust, we should not report the news but How the hospitals concerned, this is false reports.

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“The currently circulating WhatsApp-Text – and voice messages about the alleged research results of the “Vienna University” of a connection between Ibuprofen and Covid19 is #fake news, which have no connection with the #meduni Vienna,” writes the Medical University of Vienna on Twitter. The Berlin Charité hospital, moved to. “Any messages, a study of the “Berlin University” to #Ibuprofen and #COVID-19 #fake news. There is currently no evidence of a connection,” writes the Professor Claudia Spies on Twitter. Spies works as a medical Director at a clinic Charité.

Uncertainty is also a Tweet by the French Minister of health, Olivier Véran provides. He wrote on Saturday noon, via short message service Twitter, anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen could aggravate an infection with the Coronavirus. In the case of fever, you should take Paracetamol, advised Véran. The national health Director Jérôme Salomon said the same and advised of the taking of so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). To include this active substance group also acetylsalicylic acid (Asa/Aspirin) and Diclofenac in addition to Ibuprofen.

Coronavirus and Ibuprofen – connection is not secured

The virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine (medical establishment has treated you) can imagine that, in particular ACE, but also Ibuprofen, could not be more in the case of the lung disease Covid-19 helpful. NSAIDs essentially increase the risk of bleeding. The active ingredient in ACE inhibits coagulation of the blood, Ibuprofen can increase the risk of ulcers in the stomach-intestinal area and thus bleeding. “In the case of Paracetamol, this is not the case.”

However, there is a connection between taking NSAIDs and severe cases in Covid-19 is not secured to his Knowledge so far, said Schmidt-Chanasit. “We know little about the pathogenesis of the Virus Sars-CoV-2. There are to date no clinical data.”

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