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At my last physical a couple weeks ago, I told my doctor about my erection curvature. He said it’s likely Peyronie’s disease, and he referred me to a urologist. Considering it’s a referral for Peyronie’s, what will happen at my urology appointment?

It is completely normal and common to have a penis that curves to the side, upward, or downward when erect. If your penis is painful and/or you have pain during an erection, this is not normal.

Peyronie’s disease affects about 5% of men. It is much more common among men over 30 years old and is rare among younger guys. Symptoms include penile pain, curvature and in some cases sexual dysfunction.

A urologist is a doctor who specializes in conditions of the urinary tract and sexual function in males. If you are getting checked for Peyronie’s disease, the urologist will likely ask you the following questions:

  • When did you first notice that your penis was curved?
  • Do you have pain when your penis is erect? Flaccid?
  • Are you sexually active? If so, do you have pain with sex?
  • Do you know if any other male in your family has similar symptoms?

The urologist will examine your penis to check the length and curve. You may also be asked to pee into a cup so that the doctor can test your urine for possible infection. Sometimes a painless test called an ultrasound is also done. After the exam is over, the urologist should be able to discuss “next steps” such as continuing to observe your symptoms or other treatment.

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