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Babies in the Congo develop the disease

The Ebola Virus spreads in Eastern Congo, as the latest Figures from the world health organization (WHO) show. What is particularly worrying is that among the new Patients and even newborns and small children. Because it is comparatively rare that this age group is infected with the Virus.

In the week of 14. and the 20. In November, there have been 36 new confirmed Ebola cases, says WHO. Among the Patients seven babies or small children up to the age of two years. Six cases involved children aged two to 17 years of age, in addition a pregnant woman infected.

So far, relatively few cases are known in which babies of Ebola are ill – probably because they come less frequently in contact with the Virus. Experts suggest that infected parents may transmit the pathogen through close body contact, or breast milk. In addition, mothers can pass the Virus at birth. In the case of larger children illnesses occur more often, if you maintain about a diseased member of the family.

Several cases under the medical assistants

The Ebola Virus is transmitted through body fluids such as sweat, vomit, or blood. The more the disease has progressed in a patient is, the greater is the risk that the deadly Virus. Particularly infectious, with the body fluids of the Deceased.

Helpers in an Ebola Exercise

In addition to the cases, among the children of the WHO documented in the week from 14. up to 20. November five new infections in medical workers. The Numbers make it clear just how difficult it is to contain the Virus. Stopped Ebola can only be, if all people with dementia are at an early stage in isolation and their contact persons observed, to foreclose at the first sign of the disease.

Precarious security situation: blue helmets killed

A particular challenge in combating the current outbreak, the precarious security situation in the area. In the area various militias are active, the fight treasures, among other things, to the ground. Last had it at 18. November an attack, with seven blue helmets of the United Nations, and eleven Congolese soldiers were killed.

Dangerous is that the affected Region borders on three countries. In the immediate neighbourhood of Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan. The risk that the disease cross on a another country, be high, writes the WHO. Uganda has launched a vaccination campaign for medical staff in the border region.

The first cases of the current outbreak were to become known at the beginning of August. Since then, helpers have documented almost 400 diseases, more than 200 of the Affected have died. Thus, the epidemic is the most severe ever documented in the Congo.

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